How To Gain More Followers On Roblox?

Think of it like Instagram where you follow someone you find interesting like an influencer. But on Roblox, you get to follow a popular game developer on the Roblox platform and by doing so, you get to stay updated and stay on top of what they are playing, creating or developing.

Roblox is much more than an amazing gaming platform. It has over 200 million active players and many more social activities in the virtual space. You can make as many profiles as you want, follow as many accounts as you wish. 

Practically, it is not as easy to gain followers as it is to follow someone on the Roblox platform. Creating your own 3D experience, becoming a distributor or a legitimate trader in the game makes people want to follow you. But these can really be hulking especially for a user that is only on the platform to play.

Roblox Followers Bot


These are online tools or services that guarantee users hundreds or thousands of followers even if they are fake. So if you really need to gain those followers so badly, this is the best Roblox followers not that really works in 2024.

Here are some Roblox followers bot links that you can simply copy and paste on your browser to get your unlimited followers on Roblox.

  • Roblox Followers Bot 1 – Use this Roblox followers link to gain more followers ( tested).
  • Roblox followers Bot 2 – Try this Roblox followers link to gain more followers ( tested).
  • Roblox Followers Bot 3 – Use this Roblox followers link to gain more followers.
  • Roblox Followers Bot 4 – Try this Roblox followers link to gain more followers.

There are lots more of Roblox Followers Bot but we bring to you the above, 4 most popular and working Roblox Followers Bot.

How To Get Lots Of Followers On Roblox?


Many Roblox users have been searching for ways to gain more followers on the platform, if you are one of them, then you are at the right place. Here we will look at the ways 

  • You can build a name for yourself even if you don’t know how to code or program. Design your own avatar or in-game clothes and accessories.
  • Post interesting materials, users will follow you if you post interesting materials just like they would on Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps.
  • Create a Roblox YouTube channel to get Roblox Followers. You should first strategize on growing your YouTube channel. You can drop short videos on your best games or you can perform some in-depth reviews of popular Roblox games. After gaining a considerable amount of subscribers,you can ask them to check out your Roblox account and follow up.
  • Stream your game on Twitch. Rather than creating fully edited and well performed videos on YouTube, you can as well stream live to your viewers on Twitch. Besides Roblox is not oversaturated on Twitch, new viewers get chances to pass by and talk to you. Roblox provides a lot of variety for viewer interaction on Twitch, anyone can join your game and play with you on stream. While streaming you can ask them to check out your Roblox account live and convince them to follow you up.
  • Use Discord. Discord is a really good use of social media application to advertise your Roblox account. It is for gamers from all around the world and it has a gathering of your potential followers. 

You can create a text channel dedicated to following your Roblox account, then you can go around discord DMs and message and convince members of their other discord servers to follow you. You can gather some followers from these tactics alone. 

Also,there are public discord servers that you can join as they are already open-ended that allow you to tap into a whole different fan base that doesn’t even know you exist. This is a really certain way to gain followers.

  • Get rich on Roblox to gain followers. This method is quite interesting, it is simply done by reselling and buying items that are on the Roblox catalogue page. 

The trick is to sell stuff at its peak and buy a new set of stuff that is most likely to cost more at a later time period. Users will actually be able to find you when you are an owner of certain expensive items. They will begin to follow up too as well.

  • Create games. The best way to get followers is to create games. If you make a fantastic game, then it would be in your best interest to remind them to follow you up for future updates on existing games or new games.
  • And you can plainly ask people to follow you up.

How Does The Roblox Followers Bot Actually Work?


The following is a step by step instructions for using any of the top Roblox Followers Bot we have provided above.

  • Roblox was the first to launch> follow these steps: Visit the account you want to bot > if you want to use one of the bots mentioned above, just copy the user id and visit the URL.
  • Please make sure that you are pasting the right player id into the User id field.
  • Following that, click the copy key button and the Allow.
  • Then, in the box labelled paste the key, insert the key that was previously in your copy area.
  • The Open follow Api button just has to be clicked on. When you open a new window and try to use it,you could get a server error but if you right click and choose inspect , a third window will appear.
  • To refresh the page, choose the network menu item and then press Ctrl+Reload.
  • Finally, choose the Followerbot option, right click it and then select Copy all as cURL bash from the menu that appears.

You have done everything necessary, so now you simply have to wait for the bot to do its work. If you want to quickly get followers, wait for ten to fifteen minutes and then update your profile.


We have looked at the numerous ways to gain followers on Roblox, through the bots followers, non spamming ways and the non-bot followers as well. You can definitely have another read on the content above. Thank you.

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