2023/2024 Recommended Literature Textbooks For BECE ( Junior WAEC ) And Junior Secondary School

Here is the Recommended Literature Textbooks For BECE ( Junior WAEC ) And Junior Secondary School. This post contains all the junior secondary School, Jss1, Jss2 and Jss3″ literature books. We also posted the recommended textbooks for those that are looking forward to sitting for the upcoming junior WAEC exam.

So, if you’re among those searching for Recommended Literature text for Junior Secondary School or junior WAEC. Just calm down and read till the end.

Teachers reading this article right now are advised to inform their students as soon as this information gets to them. Students are also advised to take their studies to another level, more especially literature in English. Don’t depend on your teachers, also read on your own after school.

Why Do You Need The List Of Recommended Literature Textbooks For BECE?


Aside the fact that the recommended literature textbooks is required to help you with your preparation for the upcoming junior secondary school examination, there are several other usefulness of the textbooks.

  • Literature Textbooks helps you understands the totality and comprehension of the various areas of the subject which you are required to cover.
  • It also serves as a chronological presentation of information regarding your forthcoming examination.
  • It guides applicants on the specific path and topics to focus on rather than studying blindly.
  • While some literature past questions should also be added to your list of to-read items, this should be done following an extensive comprehension of the recommended textbooks that would be highlighted below.

Recommended Literature Textbooks For BECE Preparation


The books listed below are the list of novels for junior waec, then scroll down a bit to see all recommend books for all junior secondary school students. Also check out;

  • The Diary of Housemaid by Chigbo Ugwuoke
  • The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu
  • Save the African Womb by Nicole Chinelo
  • Vengeance of the Spirit by Maxwell O. Onyeka
  • The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike Ogadimma
  • The Saint by Tade Adegbindun

The Diary of Housemaid by Chigbo Ugwuoke


The diary of housemaid is basically one of the recommended literature novels to aid the preparation for BECE. In addition to this information, the book was written by a prominent author and lawyer, a personality named Chigbo Ugwuoke.

The center of the story is focused on a little girl called “Ogadimma” who literally lived a miserable life in a remote african village and all other mysteries surrounding the poor girl’s life.

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The Rejected Child by Tina Bogwu


A play by Tina Bogwu titled “the rejected child” is one of the numerous recommended literature books for the BECE preparation. 

Perhaps you are making appropriate preparations for your forthcoming literature examination and you probably have no idea that you will be required to get this novel as it is recommended. 

Meanwhile, many students might have probably come across this book once. The storyline of the book goes thus, it is focused on a boy named Logan who experienced uncontrollable struggles while growing up as a young adult.

There are lots of lessons to learn in this book especially after his family learnt the boy was homosexual. 

Save the African Womb by Nicole Chinelo


The main characters of this special literature textbooks focus on Agnes and Barakemi. There has been lot of unusual circumstances in the life of one of these individuals, whereby her womb got ruptured and this basically led to many abortions. 

Nicole Chinelo centers the book in terms of the love for money and power of childlessness. The main reason for this brief description is to provide you with an insight on what to expect while preparing for your BECE literature examination with this book.

Vengeance of the Spirit by Maxwell O. Onyeka


Vengeance of the Spirit is another wonderful novel written by Maxwell O. Onyeka. It is one of the recommended literature textbooks for students preparing to sit for their literature exams among others.

Most of your literature questions would actually be set in line with the pre-reading materials you were provided with. This includes the recommended literature textbooks and the others.

Yoruba Textbooks For BECE Preparation


This particular section of the content will be focused on the compilation of recommended literature materials, the title of each textbook along with that of the authors.

list of literature books for jss3
  • Poetry –– Ijinle Arofo written by Yoruba Meedogun Kola Ajiboye.
  • Drama –– Subu Sere written by Olasunkanmi
  • Prose –– Sisi Oloja written by Mrs Olajumoke Bamiteko
  • Prose –– Atitebi written by Diipo Gbenro
  • Drama –– Olu Omo written by D. O. Adisa

Where Can I Buy The Recommended Literature Textbooks For Junior Waec?


Now that you are fully aware of the list of literature textbooks that is required of you to prepare for your basic education certification examination. What if you don’t have these textbooks, where can you get them?

There are several ways through which you can either purchase or find the aforementioned books. 

  • Online mega stores

First and foremost, one of the ways to get the recommended textbooks is by visiting any online store and initiating a purchase. An example of a huge online store is Amazon. Basically you can decide to purchase anything on this store including your books and writing materials as they would be delivered promptly. 

For instance, one of the recommended literature textbooks “Ogadimma: The diary of a housemaid by Chigbo A Ugwuoke”. The book can be purchased on amazon and it’s currently with a discounted price at $4.88.

  • At School

Some schools also make the provision of these recommended literature textbooks. You can simply get in touch with your school management. Perhaps they decide to provide you guys with the books.

Although, not all institutions do this. An additional fact you need to be aware of is that you can actually click on the link below and discover some details and information regarding your recommended literature textbooks. A simple search will do.


  • Online PDFs

Nowadays, books are being converted into pdf formats and you can simply search on the internet if you can find a pdf format for your literature textbooks. 

  • Physical bookstores

Perhaps none of the above methods to get any of these recommended textbooks, you can simply pay a visit to any nearby bookstore around you and make a purchase.

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Literature Textbooks For BECE PDF

You can as well download the complete PDF of recommended textbooks for junior secondary school to all subjects. Tap on the red button below to see it.



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